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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is


eKadaiBrunei is an online directory or "Yellow Pages" of various eCommerce platform providers, delivery and logistic services, and 1 Kampung 1 Produk (1K1P), launched by AITI and DARe on 1st April 2020. Businesses and the public can visit eKadaiBrunei to find trusted eCommerce platform providers identified by AITI and DARe. This would help businesses to join a range of eCommerce platform providers in Brunei Darussalam to expand their market reach online. In addition, eKadaiBrunei also provides a directory of delivery and logistic services to help deliver or transport your products and/or purchases.

2. What is eCommerce and how can it help my business?


eCommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services online. eCommerce platforms providers are like online shops, and can help Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) market their goods/services online in order to reach more customers. This can also provide MSMEs with another avenue to continue their business sales, which may help to stabilise their income in light of the current COVID-19 related restrictions that limit physical interactions. Through eCommerce platforms, customers are able to purchase or buy items and make payments online, as well as getting their items delivered to their doorstep.


3. How long will it take for eKadaiBrunei to respond to my queries?


You will receive a response within one (1) working day. Please allow some time for us to assess and process your queries further within seven (7) days.




I have a business..


4. How can eKadaiBrunei help me?


eKadaiBrunei provides a single site for customers and MSMEs to view a range of available eCommerce platforms, thereby helping to increase visibility and marketing of MSMEs’ goods and services online. While the majority of eCommerce platforms are focused on the Food & Beverage sector, there are still 11 different eCommerce platforms currently available on eKadaiBrunei that you could choose to conduct your business in.


5. Is it possible to sell my product/services on eKadaiBrunei?


No, eKadaiBrunei is a directory to link businesses up with eCommerce platforms. If you

want to start selling online, you can select any of the eCommerce platforms listed on the

directory that are most relevant to your product or service and current business needs,

and register with them directly.

6. I am interested to join an eCommerce platform, where do I begin?


If you are a business looking to start selling your products online, please go to the eCommerce Platforms tab (, to view the different eCommerce providers available. We encourage you to conduct your own assessment and due diligence on which platform to join, based on your product/service and business needs. When you have decided, you may register directly to your chosen eCommerce platform, but if you need further assistance, you may contact us at

7. What is the criteria for joining an eCommerce platform?


Each platform provider has different requirements and criteria. Some platforms specialise in groceries while others in food deliveries, fashion clothing, lifestyle and many more.Hence, we advise each businessinterested to join the platform to do their own due diligence on each of the relevant platform providers to see which suits their individual business model.


8. What is the cost of joining an eCommerce platform and who will bear the cost?

Each platform provider has different charges and packages based on their services and business model. This cost will be borne by you, and this is why we advise to do your own due diligence to see which platform best suits your business model.

9. If I do not have a computer, how do I connect to these eCommerce platforms?

You just need to have a working mobile phone to connect.

10. I am interested in using online payment system for my business, how can I apply?


eKedaiBrunei currently does not include online payment providers. However, you may contact us via to express your interest and we will be able to link you with relevant local online payment service providers.



I have an eCommerce business / eCommerce platform..



11. How do I join and be listed on eKadaiBrunei?


At the moment eKadaiBrunei only lists:

    A. Vendors providing online eCommerce platforms

    B. Established logistic and delivery service providers


If you are interested to know more, you may contact us via


In the near future eKadaiBrunei may consider including other eCommerce businesses.


12. How much is the cost to be listed on eKadaiBrunei?


eKadaiBrunei is a free of charge directory website. There are no fees charged if your business is listed in the platform.



I am a customer / user..

13. I have approached one of the listed vendors and used their service, but I am not satisfied with the offered service or purchased item, who should I contact?


eKadaiBrunei is a platform for consumers to find vendors for their shopping and delivery needs. The information provided in the website is for information purposes only. For any complaint, you may contact the respective vendors directly.

14. I am looking for someone to dispatch or deliver something for me, who can I contact?


Please go to to find the list of delivery and logistic service providers. We encourage you to conduct your own assessment and due diligence on which provider to choose based on your needs.


15. How do I apply to become a driver for these vendors?


If you would like to apply to be a driver or runner for any of the platform providers or delivery services, we advise you to contact the relevant provider directly.


16. I would like to buy products by 1K1P, how do I make my orders?


Please go to and click on the link to the 1K1P website. You may contact the seller of a particular product by clicking on the product image to find the contact details.

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